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Complete Style Pack


All the accessories you need to look amazing.  Get all these great items and SAVE 17% OFF and get free shipping in the USA.

1. A 10-Pack of Million Dollar Collar - Of Course, you need this.  Upgrade 10 of your shirts with this pack. Made in the USA.

2. A 4-Pack (2 Sets) of Million Dollar Collar Branded Metal Collar Stays.  These non-bend, magnetic, stainless steel metal collar stays are a staple for any confident man.

3. A Pack of Cuff Adapters.  Wear cuff-links with ANY dress shirt.  These ingenious silicone tabs allow you to upgrade the look of any dress shirt with cuff links.

4. A set of FLXCUF.  These are for the non-cuff-link days when you want to roll your sleeves without adjusting them all day long.  This brilliant design attaches to the button & hole of your shirt cuff, giving a little elastic tension to show off your contrast and keep your sleeve up all day long.  Pick your color. Made in the USA.

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