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Excellent product!


The product is fantastic!

Great service and product

Along with the product being great, their service is too. I recently moved and on accident, sent my order to my old address. Customer service went ahead and shipped a free order to my new address to help out.

I’m not sure it’s totally worth it

While the product works, a bad shirt is a bad shirt, so a placket stay is only going to fix so much. Instead, spring for a high quality shirt and this won’t be necessary. That being said, if you have more off the rack shirts in your closet, the product does improve the hold of the shirt

Great Idea

Just about all of my button up shirts have million dollar collar installed. I’ve even emailed companies where I buy my shirts telling them they should partner.

Once you find a tailor that can install them it’s worth it.

Tieless Jetsetter
Austin Bohman

Tieless Jetsetter


Awesome product and awesome service! Great quality name brand dress shirts with the placket already installed. Definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a overall cleaner look

Good product, solves an issue that I didn’t know had a solution.

Good product, solves an issue that I didn’t know had a solution.

Subtle but effective

I was skeptical of purchasing the Mdc but I’m glad I did. Only hassle was finding a tailor close enough, closest one to me was a toll bridge away. But I’m very happy with the results! The pictures show before and after of the same shirt.

Perfect solution!

This saved my shirt! I bought a shirt that was so soft and I couldn't wait to wear it. The first time I wore it I realized that the fabric made the front droopy and thought I would have to throw it out. Enter Million Dollar Collar! I installed it myself and...it's PERFECT.

Absolutely the best thing for shirts

I love the way my shirts fit and the look makes me feel like a Million Dollars.

Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays


I was truly impressed with the million dollar collar. So impressed that I ripped the seams of 19 more shirts and my wife graciously had a sewing party for me. I’m no longer embarrassed with floppy collars.

Unbelievable style upgrade!!!

I already have friends noticing how nice my shirts look.
Nobody looks “fresh and professional” with a saggy collar! I love this invention and will be upgrading many more of my shirts!

MDC Shirt

The Shirt is awesome! Looks and feels great!
The fit was perfect. I received compliments on my shirt the first time out.
Thank you!


I absolutely love the way this modification have enhance my look. At first I was a little unsure about this. I seen pictures of others and it looks appealing to me. But we all that voice that questions as to whether it will look just like the picture. Will it mess up after washing? Can I even get someone to install it properly. I gave it a shot and man, I'm glad I did. Not only did it come out like the picture, but I ended getting most of my shirts done. Honestly I prefer to have all my shirt installed with MDC.

Tip: Make sure you take it to a professional tailor that will install it properly. Use the videos to share with the altered and let's level up.

From hideous slouch monster to gorgeous & gallant

I'm writing this from a dark hallway...they'll find me soon and I'll be running again. It's the women...the ones who go crazy for a sharp dressed men. Turns out it's the bad kind of crazy. They're relentless ever since I installed the million dollar collar.

Metal Collar Stays - 2 Sets
William Wilson

Metal Collar Stays - 2 Sets

Incredible! I literally feel like a million bucks

We’ll definitely place an order for more. My shirts have never stood up this nicely before. You can’t beat this. This is incredible….you gotta get these inserted in all your shirts right away. I know I will

Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays

Good solution.

Good solution to floppy collar. Looks good. Price for concierge service is good value ($75 for five shirts). Company communication about shipping could be better, but might be due to growing pains so they get a pass on that.

Awesome 😎

Great crisp, clean look!

This was a gift for my husband, I’m sure he’s pleased with them, because he’s the one that asked me to order them.

Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays

Metal Collar Stays - 5 Sets
Ric Alvarez Jr

I've been searching for something like this forever! Being a former US Marine, looking sharp in uniform translates to looking sharp in the civilian world. We take alot of pride in our appearance and presentation. So having shirts when my collars flatten out under my jacket irritated me beyond belief! I've even tried everything from tape to unfolded paper clips, until I stumbled upon this product! I've even passed out a couple for some co-workers to try and they even ordered some. Just mad I never invented this myself! Love the product! Awesome!

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