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Best Product, fantastic service

It so cool getting the shirt completed with the collar, so there is no looking around to find someone to do it.
Rob, the service is outstanding.
Thanks you

Love the complete shirt

I loved the fact I didn’t have to find a Taylor .

The Best Product Every Shirt Deserves

I personally am a huge fan of The Million Dollar Collar. I get my tailor to install them in my placards and they honestly make a huge difference to my shirts. They just look so much better and make me feel confident. I would now actually feel uncomfortable wearing a shirt without this product installed. I consider it an investment into my personal appearance. Thanks guys.

Sharp look, great quality!

Impressive shirt, great look! Can't stand a lazy collar. Ordered one to check out the quality and fit, immediately ordered more!


I was simply blown away on how sharp the placket look. My shirts look always starched without the start the starch. Great invention. And now I’m amazed with the tie less shirt. I’m def buying another one.

Standing tall!

I have put 20 set in my golf shirts...and am ordering more! A floppy collar is awful. It also helps to remind you to keep your chin up during your golf swing! Great product!

Sharp looking

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with this look. My shirts look sharp, thus making me look like a million dollars. Good job! Highly recommend this product.

Have not been able to do this

Any chance you all can make a video of how to put these on in Spanish for those of us Mexican customers? I showed my tailer and his employees the video but they had multiple questions. Still cannot put them on my shirts :(

Thanks for reaching out. We had the instructions translated for you into Spanish. We'll be adding this to our site now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Simply amazing !

Million Dollar Collar is a game changer !
What an outstanding idea !
My shirts are now on a completly another level !
Thank you ,guys...

Service and quality !

As I ordered from Australia during not only the Xmas period but also covid times I was very impressed with the service I received in keeping me up to speed as to where my order was - once it hit Australia it was hard to track but that was not MDC problem ! Thanku guys my son loves the product and I love your service !

Love them.

Elevates my business shirts to another level. Very sophisticated look.
I enjoy the mystery to others of why my collars look so great all the time!

Stands tall

I like how the collar stays symmetrical. Very important when your trying to look your best.

Million Dollar Collar does not disappoint

The whole closet is obsolete. If you haven't tried the million dollar collar or a Go Tieless shirt with the million dollar collar you are missing out on the best look in fashion.

Love the shirt!

Love the shirt! Love the quality. Love the look.

Exactly What I've Been Looking For!!

The MDC placket stays are exactly what I've been looking for to keep my shirts looking clean and crisp when being worn open-collared. So far, I love them. I have several more shirts that I want to get "upgraded."

How come haven't I found this before??

I just can't think why such well-thought-out thing didn't happen to be commercially rolled out since forever! My dressing shirts are now so enhanced that make me not just walk but move in a lively and proud way.


Awesome product easy to install

My C Klein shirt

What a great cut to this shirt. Fits like a made to measure, feels so soft and is REALLY COMFORTABLE to wear. I love this shirt and the fitted placket is a real hit for me. The world is in 're-set' and it took the longest time to arrive, but I would wait again, for a shirt this good. Delighted with my purchase, will definitely return for more.

They Work!

The collars on my non-button down shirts always seemed to lay flat along my chest and shoulder and looked terrible. So much so that I almost never wore them. I bought twenty of the Million Dollar Collars and had them all done, even without trying one first because I had nothing to lose. Well, they work just as advertised and look great. I now have 18 more shirts I can feel comfortable wearing, all for less than the price of just one shirt!

I haven’t received my package

I haven’t received my package, I ordered 4th of June

Yes, due to COVID, many packages are delayed, but we always make it right. Happy to forward your package anywhere or refund if we cannot get it to you.

A must for men that like cuff-links

I can see why they sold out! After using them for the first time, I decided I would buy more immediately! Great gift for someone on your list that loves cuff-links. Will definitely buy more as soon as they are available again!

Cuff links

While I didn't find the collar inserts made that much of a difference for me (because I always button the second button), they would be great for those who like a more of an opening at the collar. I do absolutely LOVE the cuff link adapters I purchased!

Worth the wait

Rob was amazing with helping track our order. My husband really wanted some, and no regrets. Enjoy the personal touch with the company. You don't get that often! Thank you for all your help:)

FLXCUF - Keep Your Rolled Sleeve Up

Item works as described, only a little to big for ME, whish they had a smaller size

Amazing product for the best men’s “card design”

Got my product some days ago and after install them, the difference on the way it looks and shows is huge, it makes it look neat, clean, even simulates a better quality of the shirt.

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