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Based on 253 reviews

Haven’t tried it yet but looks good

So glad I purchased!

This product has upped my dress shirt game substantially... I highly recommend!!

Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays

Didn’t fit

Where I bought the shirt you could only get letter sizes. I bought extra large and it was too short and too big around the chest. It would’ve been nice if I could a got a custom size shirt. Usually extra large works out for me but in this case it didn’t

No liked de look

the front of shirt no look good

Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays

need to modify shirt.. this wasnt explained right away

i am expected to open the stitching on my shirts and insert the product and then restich.. thats just crazy!

Hi Artem, Yessir, our sewn-in placket stays do require altering the shirt. It is insanely simple to do and anyone with basic sewing skills can accomplish the job in under 10 minutes. This is all over the website. It is worth the effort, we promise. Look at the rest of these reviews.

I purchased the placket stays for my husbands shirts as he often wears his dress shirts without a tie. They worked great. The placket of the shirt stayed straight even with a jacket on over the shirt. It looked really sharp. I had no trouble with my regular tailor inserting them. I brought the instructions to them and even though they had never heard of it, they did it without a problem.

Does just what it says

My installer had not done one before but had no trouble at all. The support does what it is supposed to without looking unnatural at all.

Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays

Tailor location

I contacted the tailors listed via the website and took my shirts there. Non of them said they could do it so I have to go to a tailor further away. Please verify the tailors you vouch for on the website. I bought these because the tailor listed was rather close.

Hi Zach, Thank you for your honest feedback. Can you please tell us the locations that you went to that are not willing to do the installs so we can remove them? We never want to have inaccurate information on the site. Also, anyone with basic sewing skills can do the install, so check out any local tailor and show them the instructions/video and give them permission to work on your shirt. The install process is very straight-forward. Thanks Zach!
Worth a ‘Million Dollar Collar’

My local tailor looked at me and asked, “What do you call this?!”
I replied, “‘Million Dollar Collar’!”
Raising an eyebrow, he responded, “ ...’Million Dollar Collar?!”
I added, “Yes - I am worth a Million Dollar Collar!”
- Anthony A


I am a long-time customer & my ONLY wish is that I had these upgrades in my shirts decades ago. Get on-board quickly, you'll be glad you did.

Game Changer!

I personally have used the product and love the results. As an owner of a dry cleaner, I am on "garment inspection" by clients and potential clients everyday. I am constantly called out on how my collars are clean and proper. Give your look a PROPER POP with Million Dollar Collar!

Smart and confident

The collar stand works terrifically, even after ironing and wash. Its one of the best thing I did for my shirts. It keeps the my attire looking smart all day. Will definitely be getting more.

Excelent quality....

A very good investment

I give this product FIVE STARS and the service high regards. I wanted to believe that the product makes a difference but when I received my old shirts upgraded, I KNEW that the Million Dollar Collar DOES make a difference. Thank you Rob, for your diligence.Your product and service are great, I wish I invented it. I'll post a picture soon.

awesome idea

Great product will definitely get more.

Upgraded shirts

Highly recommended.

Metal Collar Stays - 2 Sets
Million Dollar Collar for my work shirt

I work at a retail store near North Seattle. The 'Million Dollar Collar' makes my long sleeve black dress shirt look great and gives new life to my once limp shirt collars! I even had a few customers say I looked like Elvis. lol! The 'Million Dollar Collar' is an amazing invention that should be installed into every dress shirt !!

Good product. Could use a tweak.

Does what it says. It’s a good product, however, I would like it to have an adjustable bend because if you aren’t wearing a tie, you want space between the plackets. This tends to keep them straight up into the neck instead of opening up in a natural angle. Try with one shirt and, if you like it, then install in the others.

Should Be Automatic when the Tie Goes

Every bit as good as they say. Not expensive, and will definitely work (even here upside down in Australia). Once you start to notice those collapsed shirt necks around the place, you can't stop. Those poor guys look like kids in pajamas. You'll be counting down the days till your MDCs arrive, and an alterations shop installs them. Then thank your lucky stars you got onto the issue. Should be compulsory.


MDC is terrific! I can feel the power and trust of my shirts now

Best Fashion Improvement I've Ever Made - Many Thanks "Million Dollar Collar!"

Antonio Centono's RMRS YouTube channel recently introduced me to your outstanding shirt packets. I recently ordered only 10 packets and had my tailor install them. She was blown away on the incredible improvement they have made. Ordered another 50 of them for all of my dress shirt collection. I'm a retired 77 year old who love wearing my dress shirts without a tie with my blazers here in Palm Beach and while traveling the world. People have just started to comment on how nice my shirts always seem to look now. Thanks for your great product! The Other Palm Beach Donald

Metal Collar Stays - 2 Sets

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