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Rob Kessler: Inventor of Million Dollar Collar on Revenue Chat Radio with Tony DUrso

Rob Kessler: Inventor of Million Dollar Collar on Revenue Chat Radio with Tony DUrso

Tony: Hi, with us we have Rob Kessler, inventor of Million Dollar Collar and I’m wearing one, I absolutely love it. We’re going to have Rob tell us more about it, Rob welcome to the show.

Rob: Hey, Tony how are you?

Tony: Just fine, thank you. And I’ve finally met you, at last, I’ve got to tell you, I love your collar. So, please tell us what is the collar, and how it got created? 

Rob: It all started in Jamaica where I got married to my beautiful wife.  I was looking at my wedding photos and I just hated the way that my dress shirt looked. It was a beach wedding, my pants were rolled up and I didn’t want to wear a tie because I just don’t like wearing ties, but all day long I remember tugging in my collar, just trying to get to sit where it was supposed to, and it never really sat the way that I wanted. I just felt like my wedding photos were kind of ruined from my shirt looking so bad. It was a brand new, freshly pressed shirt and it should have performed, but it just didn’t. When we got home I literally started cutting open dress shirts to see how they were made.  I put a piece of cardboard down into what I later learned was the placket of a dress shirt, I showed my new bride and she was like, "Ah, I get what you’ve been talking about for so long." And so I started with cardboard and then went through every piece of plastic in my house, mini-blinds, milk cartons, a flexible cutting board, zip-ties and everything I could find. 

Tony: So it’s kind of like a long collar stay in a way as far as a concept or…?

Rob: As a concept totally, but it goes down where the buttons on the buttonholes are to reinforce the part of the shirt so when you wear it without a tie it just looks great sits where it’s supposed to and makes you look great. 

Tony: And you know what’s amazing about this is no matter how many times you launder or dry clean, it always stays fresh and clean and sharp, looks like a million bucks. And this is a silk shirt?

Rob: This is a silk shirt, you will never see a silk shirt that sits this good. 

Tony: Never and I’ve worn silk for many years, that’s quite something. Now people are thinking OK great, how does this get assembled and you can wash it, so what’s this process like?

Rob: It took three years to develop a material that can handle the heat of dry cleaning. And the installation is super easy, the tailor will just open a couple stitches, slide in and sew back together. Once it’s in, it lasts the life of the shirt.  We work really close with a ton of dry cleaners that you can just walk in and hand over your stays and get them installed into any shirt you want, so it is a pretty easy process. 

Tony: Exactly and let me tell you it is easy, I go to my dry cleaner, I bring them the shirt, I say please put in Million Dollar Collar and boom a couple days later there it is. It’s just that easy, you don’t need a sewing machine, you don’t have to sew it, you don’t need to do it, just drop off your shirts. Now Rob, what if this what if the dry cleaner does not have Million Dollar Collar? It’s pretty easy for them to get to install. 

Rob: Yeah you can order on our website or Amazon, they’re easy to get, our first several thousand customers would go to dry cleaners that never even heard of us with the directions that come with is really easy. It’s literally three steps, open and slide in and sew back together. Everybody that orders gets clear instructions, they can just take into their dry cleaner or their tailor and ask them to install a Million Dollar Collar. There’s a video on our website, I mean it’s so easy I taught myself how to sew, so it’s really easy. 

Tony: So if the person does have a sewing machine or likes to sew, they can just do it themselves and watch the how-to videos. 

Rob: Totally, it’s easy but you know most people don’t sew I understand, so most dry cleaners offer alterations, start by telling your dry cleaner. 

Tony: So now, you are in hundreds and hundreds of dry cleaners just that fast around the country and even other places of the world?

Rob: Right, we launched about two and a half years ago, we are in 500 to 600 dry cleaners now, we’ve sold about 150,000 units in 95 countries which I never thought I’d be international sales dude. 

Tony: You’re the international sales dude, that’s so cool.  

Rob: Yeah, countries have come and I’m like I never even heard of this place, I got to find it on a map.

Tony: Well I’m very impressed. So head on over to MillionDollarCollar.com, check it out. You have two alternatives, you could either have your dry cleaner do it, in fact probably they already have, you just have to ask them if they have Million Dollar Collar or just order it and then give it to them for just a couple bucks to install it. And I wear it on all my shirts, it’s just that’s just how it has to be. They stay forever, they always look great and I absolutely love it. And by the way, this is not just for men’s shirts but this is also for women’s blouses and so forth, right? 

Rob: Totally it’s for any collared dress shirt, about ninety-five percent of the market are probably men’s dress shirts since women, fortunately, have so many other options. I would wear anything other than a dress shirt. But you know when you’re a casual guy, you don’t want to necessarily wear a T-shirt, the dress shirt is that option to really look good and I just don’t like wearing a tie.  I mean ninety percent of dress shirt are "rarely if ever worn with a necktie." So it just seemed like the market and the timing is right. 

Tony: So very cool on that, and what about a polo shirt? I like on a hot day wear just a short sleeve polo shirt, can I put that Million Dollar Collar in there?

Rob: We are working on the installation, there is a little bit of cutting and sewing, little bit different installation but it totally works on a polo shirt. We’ve got a lot of customers that have just gone off and done it on their own. 

Tony: It’s the same collar, it’s just a matter of the technique on installing it? 

Rob: Yeah, they just tweak it a little bit it, cut it a little bit shorter unless it’s got a really long placket that won’t fit into a normal polo, so you just cut it shorter and it will fit in. 

Tony: You hear that, polo shirts are in so you can get this for your polo shirt, and get a nice crisp clean look instead of having that collar just hang and dangle and so forth. It’s a polo shirt but still, you can look like a million bucks in it. Now if someone wants to get ahold of you, find out more maybe a dry cleaner would like to find out more about the collar, can they get ahold of you at the MillionDollarCollar.com? 

Rob: MillionDollarCollar.com or we have all the social medias all are MillionDollarCollar.com except Twitter because they have to every thing shorter. But we are MDollarCollar at Twitter, MillionDollarCollar on Facebook, MillionDollarCollar on Instagram, you can find me on LinkedIn at Rob Kessler.

Tony: Very good on that and one last question, it’s a new concept to some, any particular story or success that you’d like to share to give people a better idea of what they can expect and its results?

Rob: Yeah I mean if you care about the way you look and you know you want to present yourself in the best way possible, this is the right product for you. And we get that from all of our reviews, I mean if you go on our website, it’s literally almost all five star reviews which seems weird but the only negative reviews that we get are it hasn’t arrived yet and that’s not really a product problem. But read those reviews, I mean people are searching for this solution, they have this problem but a lot of people just don’t know why it is the way it is. Dress shirts really weren't designed to be worn without a tie and so they haven’t really caught up to modern casual style. I mean like I said ninety percent of dress shirt are rarely if ever been worn with a necktie, so a standard dress shirt just doesn’t have enough structure and enough reinforcement to hold up the weight of the collar and that’s why it crumbles. And if it drives you nuts like it drove me nuts then you’re going to love it.

Tony: Thank you so much for sharing this with us, again that’s MillionDollarCollar.com, check it out, get it and you’re going to fall in love with it, you’re going to want to use it on all your shirts. I tell you that right much right now, my wife is the one that found out about this and all our shirts have it. Great product! Rob, once again thank you so much for coming on the show, really thank you, this is great. 


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