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About Million Dollar Collar®

Million Dollar Collar® is a permanently installed, patented, placket stay, designed to reinforce the true focal point of a casually worn dress shirt; the placket.

The placket is the double layers of fabric that hold the buttons and buttonholes in a shirt.

Dress shirts were never designed to be worn casually, hence the placket is not strong enough to support the weight of the collar. By reinforcing the placket, Million Dollar Collar® provides a clean, professional look that symmetrically frames the face.

No, it is not. Collar stays reinforce the wings of a collar, the same way our placket stays reinforce the placket; they solve two separate problems. For the best look, we recommend wearing Million Dollar Collar® along with our metal collar stays.

Million Dollar Collar® is a highly engineered proprietary blend of materials that was designed to be as thin as possible, rigid yet flexible, soft enough to be sewn through and able withstand temperatures up to 750° F, which is nearly double any cleaning process.

The stay is less than a quarter of a millimeter thick and is only 5.5mm wide. It was designed to be as thin and effective as possible so the only thing noticeable is how great your shirt makes you look.

Yes you can! The stays are unnoticeable when the shirt is fully buttoned. The real effect is seen when a shirt is worn with 2 buttons undone.

Installation and care

We have a growing network of certified installers that can be trusted with your best shirts. Dry cleaners, alterations specialists and tailor shops have completed over 275,000 installs to date. To find a certified installer near you, check out our Install page!

Yes you can! We are working diligently to make it as easy as possible to feel the Million Dollar Collar® confidence.

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Million Dollar Collar® is fixing a focal point of the shirt, so they have to be discrete.  With unlimited fabric patterns and colors, any external reinforcement would be noticeable and obvious. Because of this, the material was designed to last the life of the shirt, and withstand all forms of cleaning. This installation is much easier and more cost-effective because only a few stitches are opened and re-sewn, requiring only about 5 minutes to complete.  The alteration can be done by anyone with basic sewing skills, and each set comes with detailed install instructions.

After 275,000 installations we can confidently say, NO!! Million Dollar Collar® was designed to last the life of your shirt, no matter how you wash/dry, iron, dry clean/launder it.  Install once and never worry about looking unpolished again.  For best results, we do recommend storing your clean shirt with the top 3 buttons fastened, either hanging or folded.

Of the 275,000 stays we have shipped all over the world, we have yet to run into a placket that will not fit Million Dollar Collar®. There have been a select few that were too narrow to fit the stays as they are, but the material is soft enough to be trimmed with a pair of alteration sheers. Be careful not to trim too much, so the material can still be fastened to the shirt. If you have any specific installation questions, feel free to contact us at info@milliondollarcollar.com.

The job takes about 5 minutes to complete and lasts the life of the shirt.  The average that we are hearing is $10/shirt to do the install.  We have heard less and a lot more.  People who are not familiar with our product may not know what to charge.  Let them know it should only take about 5 minutes and encourage them to watch the 3 minute install video. www.Install-Map.com

Stays break for only 1 reason.  They were improperly installed.  The directions clearly and numerously say that only 2-3 stitches should penetrate the stay.  After 275,000 installs, the only cause for breaking is 4 or more stitches through the stay which essentially cuts the stay and weakens the material causing it to break in the washing process.  If this happens, please reach out to us and we will gladly replace the broken sets.  Please inform your installer what they did wrong so it doesn't happen again.  orders@milliondollarcollar.com

Shipping / Orders

All orders are shipped within 1 business day USPS (United States Postal Service). Tracking will be updated when available. Domestic (USA) orders should arrive in 2-5 business days. International Tracked Shipping should arrive in 5-10 business days from the next Monday. To minimize shipping costs, international orders are shipped out on Mondays. DHL orders ship by the next business day and should arrive within 6 business days.

Please refer to your tracking email for more information.  We are not a shipping company, and once orders are handed off to the shipper, it is out of our control.  We make every attempt possible to offer reasonable shipping prices and quick shipping times.  If your tracking says delivered and it hasn't been, please contact us so we can open a case with the shipper and find your package.

Business Opportunities

We would love to talk with you about your brand, and identify the next steps! Please send us a message at orders@milliondollarcollar.com so we can schedule a call.

We love to connect with forward thinkers just like you. Email us: orders@milliondollarcollar.com so we can discuss the details!


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