What is Million Dollar Collar® (MDC) Technology?

The ultimate dress shirt enhancement. Simply put, it’s similar to a collar stay but for the placket of a dress shirt.

What is a Placket? Why should I care?

The "placket" is the double layers of fabric that hold the buttons and buttonholes in a shirt. The placket is the true focal point of a dress shirt and should draw attention up to your face. We have the worlds only permanently installed, placket reinforcement technology. Framing your face and improving your overall appearance.

Why is it necessary?

Every placket crumbles under the weight of the collar when worn casually, regardless of the shirt’s brand, quality, material, button placement or time spent ironing, starching, or pressing. We call the sunken, wrinkled and folded appearance Placketitis.

How noticeable is the stay in the shirt?

The stay is less than a millimeter thick and is only 5.5mm wide. It was developed to be as thin and effective as possible so the only thing noticeable is how great you look and feel.

Can I still button up my shirt to the top, or wear a tie?

Yes and yes! The shirt does perform as it did before, only better!

What is special about the material?

Our product is made from a proprietary blend of materials that was designed to be ridged yet flexible. It’s similar to a plastic but was specially developed to withstand the rigors of your cleaning regimen: machine washing, drying, ironing, laundering & dry cleaning.

Why are they permanently installed?

Since both sides of the placket are exposed, when worn casually, the stays must be hidden inside the double layers of the placket. Also, from a cost perspective, permanently installing once, using the collar band stitch to secure our placket stays into place means you never lose them nor will you ever forget to put them in.

Will they fit into every placket?

The simple answer is yes, for both men’s and women’s dress shirts. All plackets have 2 layers of fabric and MDC was specifically designed to slide in-between the layers. There is a possibility a little trimming could be necessary to get a perfect fit (at installers discretion). We have yet to come across a placket that MDC has not fit into.

Can I buy a shirt with MDC Technology already installed?

Not quite yet, we are currently working with a number of your favorite brands to get MDC installed during production.

How do I get MDC Technology into the dress shirts I already own?

The easiest way is to take your stays to a dry-cleaner that offers alterations or a tailor (both are easy to find with a simple CLICK HERE -> Alterations Near Me). Or, if you have and know how to use a sewing machine, give it a go at home.

When will my order arrive?

All orders are shipped with in 48 hours of ordering via USPS (United States Postal Service). Tracking will be updated when available. Domestice orders should arrive in 2-4 Business Days. International Shipping in 5-10 Business Days. To minimize shipping costs, international orders are shipped out on Mondays. DHL Orders ship by the next business day and should arrive within 6 days.

How do I enhance my brand with Million Dollar Collar® Technology?

Lets talk! Please send us a message at so we can schedule a call.

Can I increase my sales by selling MDC Aftermarket Kits to my customers?

Certainly, and we have a great program for forward thinkers just like you. Email us:

Why is it named Million Dollar Collar if it fixes the placket?

Quite honestly, most people have no clue what the heck a placket is. So “Perfect Placket” doesn’t quite tell the story. Million Dollar Collar has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?