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Why I still love Wurkin Stiffs, but...

Why I still love Wurkin Stiffs, but...

Magnetic collar stays are great, but they are not enough, in my opinion.  After a successful pitch on Shark Tank and an explosion of business since, Wurkin Stiffs can be found just about everywhere you would think of to purchase.  But as the main picture shows, they solve a completely different problem than Million Dollar Collar.

As you can see from the picture I screen grabbed from the How To video on the Wurkin Stiffs website, the point of the product is to bring the collar in and prevent it from flaring out, which this product does better than any other.  But as you can see, just to the left of where he is pointing, the placket, is still a crumbled up mess.  And there is an additional problem, magnetic collar stays are heavy.

When I set out to solve the crumbled placket problem I experienced at my wedding, I looked in a different place than everyone else.  Every other attempted fix to the problem was focused on the collar, and that just didn't make sense to me.  So, I took the idea of a collar stay and I put it down the front of the shirt, where the buttons and holes are, better known as the placket.  With our placket stays, you can immediately see the difference:

Million Dollar Collar Placket Stays

2 different problems, that required 2 different solutions.  And I think the combination of the two, together, gives you an extremely polish appearance, that no other combination of products can match.  Million Dollar Collar keeps it up, and Wurkin Stiffs keeps it in.  Experience it for yourself, and I am certain you will agree.

Million Dollar Collar Keeps Your Collar Up, Wurkin Stiffs Keeps it IN

Let me know what you think.


-Rob Kessler

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