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Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays


Significantly improve the look of your dress shirts by permanently installing Million Dollar Collar.

  • Universal design fits virtually ALL dress shirts (both Men's & Women's).
  • Designed to last the life of your shirt: 
    • Washing Machine - Safe
    • Dryer - Safe
    • Iron - Safe
    • Dry Clean - Safe
  • Installation is additional and is easily done by your neighborhood dry-cleaner or tailor. Click this link → Alterations Near Me - for a few closest to you.
  • International Shipping Available

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Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews
Customer Satisfaction

I recently purchased a pkg of the Million Dollar collar stays and had two pairs put into my dress shirts. This was upon the recommendation of RMRS, who I subscribe to. As a frequent motivational speaker, I know my dress appearance plays a huge role in coming across as a credible expert. So far, I am pleased with the look, and both shirts having gone through one wash cycle already. Both have retained that stiff placard look. I also ordered your metal collar stays and discovered upon receiving them, I only had one magnet for two pairs. I emailed you of this, and you quickly made good on what was obviously an oversight.
As time goes on, I will evaluate your products over time to see if they continue to make a positive upgrade to my dress shirts, but for now, I am pleased with what I have ordered and your service. Thank you!

great product, strange shipping

This is not by any means my first MDC order, so I was surprised to find that pickup was required (with signature) at a gas station way off from the actual shipping destination. Having lived at this location for 4 years, this is the first time I have had to pickup anything there. Normally that would be either a grocery store or the actual post office downtown. The actual product is great as ever though.

Hi Mr. A. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review and for being a loyal customer. I checked the tracking and it looks like they attempted delivery and then sent it to that gas station, that is certainly weird, but at least you got the goods. We're trying a new shipping company to make sure we are offering as many people an option to buy, this valuable feedback helps us in deciding whether to continue with them. You're Amazing!

Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays


Million Dollar Collar | Placket Stays

Works as intended

It took a bit of explaining to my tailor but he was able to figure out how to sow them in. Now my placet looka great. I recommend this to my coworkers and anyone who asks.

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