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Origin Story



On the biggest day of my life my shirt was a big disappointment. That was me in front of my beautiful bride and all of our guests with a sloppy looking dress shirt. Sadly, the brand new, freshly pressed shirt didn’t even make it until I said “I DO.” After seeing the rest of my wedding pictures, I knew I had to find a solution for a problem that had bothered me for years. 

I’m not an engineer, so I began with what I knew: Collar stays reinforce the collar, and that clearly wasn't the problem... I needed something to reinforce the placket! I started experimenting with plastics around my house: a milk carton, mini-blinds and even zip-ties.  I quickly moved on to test virtually every commercial plastic on the market, ruining over 100 shirts in the process. The pursuit of the world’s first and only universal “placket stay” wasn’t an easy task.

It took nearly three years to perfect, but in late 2015, we had done it! In partnership with a leading, global plastics company, we developed a proprietary material that is lightweight, flexible, soft enough to be sewn through and able to handle the intense heat of the dry cleaning & laundering process. Million Dollar Collar will last the life of your shirt. 

We're a small team of two hardworking guys from the Midwest and we're here to change the game, help you look like a Million bucks, and grow your businesses exponentially. 

Thanks for your interest. We’d love to hear from you.

-Rob Kessler
Million Dollar Collar Technology

The very Placketitis that gave inventor Rob Kessler the idea for Million Dollar Collar.

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